Public Health

  1. Time is Running Out to Stop Ebola’s Spread

  2. Peter Hotez Is Not A Sorcerer

  3. Fear, Loathing, Fentanyl Exposure

  4. Want to Reduce Overdose Deaths? Get People the Medication They Need.

  5. The Fatal Flaw in Trump’s HIV Plan

  6. Measles Is Making A Comeback. Here’s How to Stop It.

  7. How to Inoculate Against the Anti-Vaxxers

  8. Another Young Voice Silenced By Bullets

  9. We Know How To Address School Shootings. So Why Aren't We?

  10. A Promise Step In Tackling Childhood Cancer

  11. We Know How to Conquer Tuberculosis

  12. Ebola, Amnesia and Donald Trump

  13. Why Breast Feeding Scares Donald Trump

  14. The Crazy Talk About Asylums

  15. If Addiction is a Disease, Why is Relapsing a Crime

  16. The Mothers Society Condemns

  17. The Mothers Society Condemns, II

Health Policy

  1. Sound, Fury, and Prescription Drugs

  2. The Nurses Calling for Medicare-for-All

  3. Gilead’s Gift Horse

  4. It’s Time for Pharmaceutical Companies to Have Their Big Tobacco Moment

  5. How Much Will Americans Sacrifice for Good Health Care

  6. A Voter’s Guide to Health Policy

  7. The News on Drug Prices? Nothing Good

  8. How the Government Can Lower Drug Prices

  9. Do Poor People Have a Right to Health Care?

  10. The Quiet War Against Reliable Medical Information

  11. The Health Care Stalkers

  12. Medicaid's Nickel-and-Dime Routine

  13. G.O.P. Wants Hungry Kids to Fund Tax Cuts


  1. It’s Time For a Reckoning on Medical Devices.

  2. Cosmetic Regulations Need an Update

  3. Big Tobacco’s Bait & Switch

  4. Easier Drug Approvals are Not Cutting Drug Prices

  5. Is Baby Powder Safe? Does Industry Even Care?

Biotech / Bioethics

  1. Republicans Once Supported Fetal Tissue Research

  2. This Editorial is Not About Designer Babies

  3. 23andMe

  4. Should Scientists Toy With the Secret of Life

  5. Medicine’s Financial Contamination

Migrant Children

  1. Hundreds of Children Rot In The Desert

  2. An Unhealthy Plan to Drive Out Immigrants

  3. Coming of Age in American Detention

  4. Don't Let Migrant Kids Rot